Pool is Opening Soon - Published: Tuesday, August 14, 2018
Pool was closed but is now open.

More info on what happened below:
Springbrook Pool Members,

To summarize the pump was fried out when the power outage to the local area took place last Sunday afternoon. A new 15hp EQ pump was delivered from Orange County and installed Friday. However the new system requires a couple additional electrical parts that are not available to the installers until the major electrical suppliers open on Monday. We have their highest priority for final repairs on Monday.

The pool had zero circulation without a pump and without flow the chemical balancing is not possible. The pool is/was cloudy due to the lack of water circulation through the pool and into the filters for treatment.

We hope you understand that we are doing everything we can and truly apologize for the inconvenience.

Thank you-Pool Management
Springbrook Anual BBQ June 2nd - Published: Monday, May 28, 2018
GET READY FOR THE FESTIVE KICK Off BBQ THIS COMING JUNE 2ND! Join fellow members at the pool on Saturday June 2nd from 2:00PM- 7:00 PM. Food to be served around 3:00 PM and games begin around 4:00 PM.
Check your email for the google doc sign up link to RSVP by the 30th! 

Pre Season Swim Practice 3:30-7:10


Home swim meet

10 Jun, AM 8:00 — 10 Jun, PM 1:00   
Event summary
vs OCC

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    10 Jun, AM 8:00 — 10 Jun, PM 1:00
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