2014 Springbrook Pool Association Rules and Regulations






The following are the Rules and Regulations of the Springbrook Pool Association during the 2014 regular season.  Following the regular season, Springbrook may operate a post-season schedule.  For rules and regulations during this period refer to Rules and Regulations Post-Season.




A. Swimming Season


The opening and closing dates for the pool will be announced each year by the Board of Directors. Under normal weather conditions, the opening date will be near the first of May and the closing date near the first of October.  For 2014, the regular season schedule set forth below. 


B. Hours of Operation


1. General.  It is the general policy to keep the pool open at all hours as listed below and to provide as much notice as possible for the few times that it must be closed.  Appropriate reasons for closing the pool include repairs to the pool or to pool equipment, pool cleaning, unsafe swimming conditions due to chemical treatment of the pool water, bad weather (see below), and a limited number of swim meets.


2. Lifeguard Schedule (Regular Hours of Operation)



April 29 - June 9, 2014

Monday – Friday

3 p.m. - 6 p.m.


Saturday & Sunday

12 noon - 6 p.m.




June 10 – Sept. 1, 2014

Monday - Sunday

12 noon - 8 p.m.




Sept.2 – Sept. 29, 2014

Monday - Friday

3 p. m. - 6 p. m.


Saturday & Sunday

12 noon - 6 p.m.




September 30 – December 8, 2014

See Rules & Regulations Post Season



3. Bad Weather. The pool may be closed during the swimming season due to bad weather, such as outside temperature below 65 degrees, rain and/or no one is swimming. At such times lifeguards shall be considered unnecessary, and a notice shall be posted at the entrance gate. Children under 18 years of age should not be left at the pool in questionable weather (regardless of whether they’ve passed the swim test.), unless they can reach a responsible adult and be picked up immediately upon closure of the pool


4. Swim Meets. These will be held on some Wednesday nights starting at 5 p.m. and on some Saturday mornings, during the summer. Swim meets are generally over by 9 p.m. on Wednesday and 1 p.m. on Saturdays. The dates of these meets will be set forth on the Swim Team calendar posted on the Bulletin Board by the pool office or on the pool website under swim team: www.springbrookpool.com





A. During Regular Hours of Operation (See B.2. above)


The pool, when open, is available to member families under the following conditions:


Lifeguard on Duty - Use of Pool



Use of Pool

Up to 13, and has not

 passed swim test*

May use the pool only under supervision of parent or responsible adult (18 or older)

9-13 years and has passed the swim test*, or 14-17 years

May use pool without supervising adult


No Lifeguard on Duty – Use of Pool


All ages up to 18 years

May use pool only under supervision of parent or responsible adult with KEY.

Adult: 18 years and up

Members with key may use pool – DO NOT SWIM ALONE. Two or more adults must be present when no lifeguard is on duty.



The pool is closed to ALL members between 10 pm and 8 am every day unless other arrangements are made.


*The lifeguards shall be responsible for conducting the swim tests.


B. Adult Swim Period


The lifeguard will declare a 10 minute Adult Swim period every hour on the hour. During this time only adults and children 2 and under, accompanied by an adult, are allowed in the main pool.  If no adults are swimming after 5 minutes of adult swim, the lifeguard may cancel adult swim and open the main pool to everyone.  During adult swim, children 7 and older are not allowed in the play pool.


C. Lifeguard


1. The lifeguard, when going off duty, shall clear the pool of all children under 18 years old unless they are accompanied by a parent or a responsible member 18 years or older with key.


2. It shall be the duty of the lifeguards when on duty to enforce all rules concerning the conduct and safety of the members and their guests.


3. If any person fails to cooperate with the lifeguard, the lifeguard shall have the authority to bar the offender from the pool and premises for the remainder of the day. For minor infractions, the lifeguard is empowered to take action as he/she deems appropriate. In cases of repeated infractions, the lifeguard shall notify the Board of Directors for further action.


D. Keys


The door to the pool is to be kept closed and locked at all times.  To use the pool facility, you must have a key and comply with the KEY AND AFTER HOURS POLICY that you signed and returned.  Each member family shall be issued one key with their paid membership.  Additional keys can be obtained from the current Membership Director for a fee of $5.00.


E. There will be no swimming at night without use of the in-pool lights. All members and their guests shall exit the pool no later than 10 p.m.  This is a condition of the Pool Association’s Use Permit and must be strictly complied with!


F.  Parents, whether present or not, shall be responsible for their children at all times when their children are using the pool facilities. Thus, parents not present at the pool area are responsible for making sure that their minor children or guests (who can only use the pool under the supervision of a responsible adult) are being supervised by another responsible adult. Parents shall also be responsible for familiarizing their children with these Rules & Regulations.


G. NO PETS shall be allowed inside the pool complex.


H. Picnics are allowed only on the grass, in the barbecue area, or on the picnic tables.  No eating is allowed in or near the pool edge.  Please keep food away from the pool.


I.  No non-swimming attire shall be worn in the water.


J.  Springbrook Pool limits the use of facilities to its members and paying guests.  It shall not be used in the course of  anyone’s Primary Business. The Association reserves the right to determine if “Primary Business use” is detrimental to the spirit and or safety of its operating guidelines.




A. Main Pool


In and around the pool, members should use common sense to avoid dangerous activities and avoid accidents. There shall be no running on the pool deck. Pushing, shoving or throwing of persons into the pool will not be allowed. No potentially hazardous swimming equipment shall be used.  Breakable toys shall not be used on the pool deck or in the pool. Ball games shall be confined to the lawn. Water games will be allowed as long as they do not interfere with regular swimming. Only one person will be allowed on the diving board or the water slide at a time. No jumping off the side of the diving board is allowed. One half hour in each hour, the diving area may be roped off so that members and their guests can dive safely. This closure is at the discretion of the lifeguard on duty and may be removed at any time if requested by any adult pool members who wants to swim laps when no member is currently diving. No climbing onto or jumping or diving from the lifeguard tower (or from any part of the water slide) is allowed by anyone.


B. Play Pool


 Parents shall supervise their children (of any age) who are in or around the play pool at all times.


Use of the play pool is restricted to children 6 years or younger unless at other times, if in the judgment of the lifeguard and parents, it is safe to allow older children in.  Members are urged to remember that the play pool is primarily for the enjoyment and use of non-swimmers and behave accordingly. No children are to be left unattended in the play pool.




A. All persons using the pool are required to shower before swimming.


B. The governing rules of the State and County Board of Health shall prevail at all times.


C. Persons with open sores, cuts and infections shall not enter the water. The lifeguard has the authority to deny a swimmer the use of the pool, if, in the judgment of the guard, the open wound constitutes a health hazard to the other swimmers.




A. Guest cards covering 15 guests shall be available for $25 from the current Membership Chairperson (mail check and request for guest card to P.O. Box 1072, Lafayette, CA. 94549; Attention: Membership). These cards are good indefinitely, but no refunds will be given on the unused parts of a guest card.   If a card has not been purchased, the charge is $2 per person payable at the gate.  Please realize that having a couple of guests is not the same as having a party (see PARTIES, below).  Members are called upon not to abuse the guest privileges.


B. Guests shall be accompanied at all times by a member and are required to follow all the rules and regulations.


C. Adult members shall be responsible for their guests and their family’s guests at all times.


D. Overnight guests (at your home) will be considered as regular guests and a guest card must be used. If the guest(s) will be in the home for over a one-week duration, the guest will be treated as one of the family and a guest card will not be necessary. Baby-sitters and au pairs are considered family members and may use the pool only when supervising children at the pool.




Parties to be given by a member at the pool must be cleared with the pool Social Committee.  A form with all the necessary information is available on the pool website www.springbrookpool.com  This form includes pool rules and a place for the host member to sign a statement acknowledging that they will inform their guests of the rules.  Reservations can also be made by emailing partyres@springbrookpool.com  All party fees, deposits and lifeguard fees are to be paid to the Social Committee.  Party rules include, but are not limited to, the following:


·         Eleven or more guests are considered a party and require a reservation. 

·         Unscheduled parties will be assessed a $50.00 fine plus party fees. 

·         Each party will require a lifeguard at a pre-determined lifeguard fee with the number of guards determined by the number of invitees, as scheduled in the party form/bulletin board. 

·         In response to membership concerns regarding crowding at the pool caused by multiple parties, we have limited combined party attendance to 50 people, if a single party exceeds 50 invitees, then that is the only party permitted at that time.  There will be no more than 3 parties on any given day as approved by the Social Committee.

·         We will no longer host company parties or school parties.

·         Where children are in attendance, there must be one adult for every child 5 and under, with the adult and child included as invitees.

·         Parties will be limited based on guard availability in September and there will be no parties in the month of October.

·         Please check the party calendar on the website www.springbrookpool.com prior to mailing out invitations.  Your party must be approved by the Social Committee.  Forms also located on the above mentioned website.





Dues are payable by Feb. 15 (except for dues being paid by new members who join thereafter.)  Members will not receive a key until after their dues are paid and their paperwork is returned.  A $50 late fee will be added to payments postmarked after Feb. 15, 2014.   Dues must be paid in full to participate on the swim team. Contact Membership Chairperson, membership@springbrookpool.com




Any request for exception to the Rules for good cause must be submitted in writing to the Board of Directors for approval.

We are a reasonable Board and welcome all suggestions to keep the Springbrook Pool Association and pool facility running well.

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