Annual Registration

Dear Springbrook Member:

Welcome back for another year of summer fun at the pool. The SpringbrookPool Board is preparing for the 2017 season starting on April 27 with our annual Clean Up Day and our opening day on May 3.

Springbrook Pool's wait list remains long. Presently over 235 families are waiting to join us at the pool. As a result,we need to know if you will be joining us this season. To that end, please renew your membership for the upcoming season on-line through our partner Sportability – by February 22.Please pay before February 28th, as a late fee of $50 will be accessed for dues received after that date.

IMPORTANT: If you have decided not to renew this year, please email us at so we do not continue to follow up with you.

Upcoming yearly dues remain the same as last season.
$1010 when paid by credit card, a 6% discount is available to members who pay by check reducing the obligation to $950.

Membership remains at the current level of 315 families (300 general members, 15 lifetime). You can pay by credit card on line or a Check can be mailed to:

Springbrook Pool Membership

PO Box 1072

Lafayette CA94549



To complete your membership for the upcoming year please click on the following link:

Hints – Once you are at the Sportability site:

Click the current year Registration – center of the page, below the Springbrook Hogs logo

On the next page, click on “Register Now!”, lower left hand side.

On the following screen, simply hit Continue, bottom of the screen (You do not need an email or password – the one you use for Little League or other sports will not work.

Select your name from the participant pull down bar

Use the discount code “Check” to receive the discount - do not enter any Credit Card info if paying by check! Simply hit the Continue button. The system will not force to you enter a CC number if you type the word Check in the discount code. Press the continue button to procede.

When paying by check do not select any extras (keys, guest, opt out fee), simply include that amount in your check payment

Mandatory Spring Clean-up and Key Pick-up Day is April 27 9:00 a.m – 3:00 p.m.If you are unable to join us on this day, please have someone retrieve the key on your behalf.

If you have any questions, please let us know.

Thank you.

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